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Mindful Walks

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I grew up in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. Its is a beautiful city with a stunning architecture. These days its also center for business and commerce. However, one of my favorite childhood memories is going for a walk with my nanny to the local park & river. As a child, i wanted to be connected to nature even in a busy city. I believe it was my first attempt at discovering myself through mindfulness. Years later, I discovered that a 2009 survey recognized Vilnius as the greenest capital in Eastern Europe. So not all is lost for Today's kids.

These days, I live in Newbridge, Co Kildare in Ireland and all I can say we are so so lucky to have a beautiful country side on our doorstep. COVID-19 has really opened my eyes as restrictions were applied to our movements. We don't have to get on the plane for guaranteed sunshine and sea view. We find can find a place near our home. Ireland will get rain throughout the year, it’s the only real constant in our climate so we may get used to it.

So my advice to you is: find a small gap in the day when sun is shinning and go for your mindful walk. Every time you go for walk even if you return to the same place, it will be a completely new experience each time. You will hear new sounds and discover different flowers to smell and admire. Appreciate that nature feeds animals & birds and you might even find the last of blackberries if you are lucky.


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