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5 New Habits

They say January is a good month for new beginnings and changes as we feel motivated to start something new. Forming a good habit is actually really hard and can take some time which is why in the past all my ambitious healthy kick plans have failed. As mums, we have a lot of things to plan and worry about. We sometimes forget to fill our cup. Self-care is very important if want to take care of yourself before taking care of others. Self-care can be incorporated into everyday with the help of habits as we all love our routine. This January I have be researching information about forming habits and established a list of small changes which might be helpful for some of mums here, in IG community.

5 New Habits I am trying to make attractive and accessible:

Get up 10 minutes early (small change which can be gradually increased to 30 minutes or even an hour) allows you to stretch, drink a glass of water or even do a quick meditation. Sets nice intention for the day ahead.

Leave your phone in a different room (helps focusing on the new habit) while studying or excising. Buy a digital alarm clock which visually replaces mobile phone for the night and helps with sleeping routine. If you absolutely need the phone try Screentime on Iphone or Digital Wellbeing for Android.

Learning to say 'no' and schedule week ahead and find balance between work and leisure. If you simply have to much on next week, learn how to reschedule activities.

Take baths. Schedule baths the same way you schedule work meetings. Make it a spa ritual experience with home-made beauty treatments and a good book or Netflix.

Cultivate interests (new sport, new course, new food, new destination). Keep moving forward while continuously gaining new skills and discovering your talents. There usually some good night courses available in your local ETB at the start of the year. Book a holiday with the family. Try a new class in your local gym or join a walking group.

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