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Autumn Connection

Autumn is a strange time when we anticipate cold dark evenings but look forward to all the holiday family gatherings and the warmth within homes. I used to think it was a very dark and gloomy time until recently. Mindful connection to nature and plants has helped me view it from a different prospective.

Foraging with kids is one the most enjoyable rewarding activities and every time it’s a new experience. Foraging for adults can offer deep connection to the nature and feeling of complete freedom which is simply revitalizing for body and soul.

We enjoyed drying herbs from the garden and making elderberry syrup over the last few weeks. Blackberry crumble was made and fresh berry batch was frozen. It might be still a little early for rosehips. Dried berries will make a great addition to your herbal teas and will last up to a year. Dehydrating might be considered as less expensive and time-consuming option.

Batch cooking brought herbs and spices into the house (chicken casserole, butternut squash soup and lamb tagine with dates were on the menu). Simmer pot and saging the space can be used to add autumn aromas.

Decorating the living area with rug and cushions added new colors and textures to home which is now ready for autumn decor. Hosting tea circle & inviting people into home to share energy and create warmth might be an idea or simply sitting on your favorite armchair with your hot drink, woolly socks and a book might be an option. How do you connect to autumn?

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