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Note to parents

As the lockdown was extended again, I found this week very difficult. By now it has affected every household in Ireland. Some parents have financial issues and some are struggling with managing work and home-schooling. Kids are starting to really miss their friends and interaction.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel….?... there is, there has to be but we don’t know when things go back to normal, when are going to go on holidays again and see loved ones living abroad, when can kids give a hug to their grandparents, when will people stop getting sick. Until then we have a present moment that is given to all of us. We can be present anytime: while playing with our kids or while out for a walk.

I tell kids it’s ok to have different thoughts, they come and go when they are looking through the glitter jar. I would now say it to the parents. Its ok to have a bad day and not be the ‘Quinn’ or ‘King’ of home schooling today. Be comfortable with your feelings, show compassion to yourself and be friend to yourself.

I tell kids, use gratitude and kindness in your every day life. I would now say it to the parents. Be grateful for the smallest gift ‘today’ gave you and be kind to yourself & others.

I personally choose to see the beauty in nature on daily basic to remind myself of how connected people are to nature and that it is changing but every season brings its own magic.

Lets look forward to sunny evenings, warm country air and flower fragrance…. Lets look forward to spring!

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